Atlantic Leaf

About Us

Atlantic Leaf Properties Limited is a Mauritian-incorporated real estate company, listed on the Official List of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (“SEM”) and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“JSE”). The company was incorporated on 11 November 2013 in Mauritius, and holds a Category 1 Global Business License in accordance with the Mauritian Companies Act 2001 and the Financial Services Act 2007 of Mauritius.  The company is proud to be the first pound-denominated Global Business License company to list on the SEM.

The company has been established with the objective of investing in high quality, investment grade real estate assets and companies which deliver solid returns for investors through both income and capital growth. The company focuses on investments in Western Europe, and in particular the UK.

The company has adopted a dual-strategy approach to investing in real estate, whereby it invests 1) directly, in a portfolio of fixed property assets; and 2) indirectly, through a portfolio of listed and unlisted shares and securities of real estate companies.   At times, the company will also invest in cash and debt instruments.

Atlantic Leaf has been established in Mauritius in order to take advantage of Mauritius’ business friendly infrastructure and tax regime and the double tax agreements that Mauritius has negotiated with many of the jurisdictions in which the company intends to invest.

Atlantic Leaf is led by a team of individuals with significant experience and successful track records in real estate and fund management.